4 Tips to make your take away pizza meal as healthy as possible

Posted on: 27 October 2015

If you are ordering take away pizza tonight, you've already made a great decision. Here are some options to help you customise the pizza in a way that makes it as healthy as possible.

Pile on the veggies

One of the best things about pizza is that it can be customised with tasty and seasonal produce. Rather than choosing a meat heavy pizza, balance the meats and cheeses with extra veggies to bring up the fibre and vitamin content of the pizza and keep you satisfied for longer. Making sure your pizza has a good selection of vegetable toppings also lowers the overall sodium content of your pizza, making it a healthier option and also making you less thirsty (and likely to indulge in high calories drinks).

Select the thin crust option

While the stuffed crusts and thick bases are super tasty, they also quickly add to the calorie content of your pizza. Try a more traditional thin crust pizza and enjoy the effect of the lighter crust on making a tastier and healthier pizza.

Accompany your pizza with a low Cal drink

While it's common to enjoy your pizza with a fizzy soft drink (or yummy glass of red wine) you can easily add 100-200 calories per drink with these options. Instead, look for a low cal soda or a sparkling water to add an interesting drink without the calories. Sipping on water throughout your meal can  also help you to stay hydrated and avoid you accidentally overeating through mistaking thirst for hunger.

Make your meal a social event

Another great way to make sure you don't overeat is to invite your friends to come and share your meal. It can be easy to overeat if you are sitting by yourself, especially if you eat in front of the TV. But if you have a friend come by, it encourages you to switch off the TV and eat with your friend. Equally sharing a pizza can also help you resist temptation to finish the extra pizza slice you have been planning to save your lunch tomorrow. Try a half and half pizza if you have different preferences for toppings.

Pizza can be one of the healthiest take way options, providing you make sure to choose healthy options and don't add calories by over eating or choosing calorie-laden drinks. It's time to pick up the phone and order your pizza now!